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About Janaspandana

Technology have been changing the way we live by providing magnificent solutions to some of the biggest problems in day to day life. Technology have been impacting domains like Computers & IT, Infrastructure, Food, Education etc., now is the time for Governments.

Janaspandana is a new-age media platform that provides effective solutions to citizen’s problems by leveraging connection with Government. Every year millions of Indians encounter various problems like spoiled roads, poor sanitation, improper education etc.

  • Government’s are failing to find and fix them effectively.
  • Pain-point for Citizen to visit a Department physically to lodge grievances.
  • Citizen have poor to no idea about concerned Government departments to lodge grievances.

Why Should you Care ?

Gross Income

45% to go


55% of income

Income vs Taxes of an average India employee

" Every citizen of India pays almost 50% of their Income to the Government in the form of taxes viz., Income Tax (30%), Value Added Tax (14% on each purchase), Service Tax (14%), Sales Tax, Entertainment Tax etc. While everyone of us uphold terrific plans with our Net Incomes and spend it wisely, unfortunately no one cares about how our taxes are being spent. Janaspandana is a powerful tool for every citizen of India that brings in Accountability & Transparency to the Government."

Do with Janaspandana

Post Issues in your Neighbourhood

Support Complaints/Issues in your City

Access Open Government Data

Share your Voice in Good Governance

How it Works


Post a Complaint

Post Grievances on Civic Issues like Bad Roads, Traffic Violations etc., to Personal Issues like Ration, Health, Pension etc.

Step - 1

Smart Complaint Delivery

Janaspandana's Smart Algorithms analyses the compliant and automagically delivers to concerned Authorities via SMS/EMail and also publishes on the Department's profile.

Step - 2

Get Community Support

If your community is facing the same issue, you can get them to vote up. Complaints with more Vote-ups have better tendency of getting addressed and fixed soon.

Step - 3

Janaspandana Enforses RTI

Janaspandana collects genuine complaints and files an RTI against which the department is supposed to respond within 120 days.

Step - 4

Issues Resolved

Apart from filing RTI, Janaspandana brings in Local elected Representatives, NGOs etc., to make sure a Issue gets resolved.

Step - 5

Sit back and Relax

Welcome a Clean & Responsible Society as more and more Complaints gets Resolved.

Step - 6

Access Govermnent's Open Data

Data is the new Soil. Janaspandana's mission with Open Data is to empower citizen of India with Knowledge & Wisdom related to Governance and help take part in Good Governance.


Detailed Budget reports of Departments to ensure proper utilisation of funds.

Department Functions

Understand Departments better by knowing their Functionalities & Duties.

Staff Hierarchy

Who does what in a Department ? See complete Staff particulars like Name, Contact numbers etc.

Powered By RTI

Authentic & Genuine Information of Departments Powered by Right to Information Act.

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