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Q: Why do I need to register (create an account) on Janasapndana

A: In order to save your location, post a complaint, post a comment, create or join a group, create or join an event, you need to create a username and password and log into the site. You can also sign up through your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Q: Where can I create an account?

A: At the very top of the site, on every page there is a Register link next to Search. You can also go to:

Q: Where is the login page?

A:  You can login here:

Q: I can’t remember my username/password! What can I do?

A: You can retrieve your password by going to:

Q: Where can I change my password?

A: On the same link as above:

Q: Where can I add/edit my account details?

A: On the My Account page, you need to click on Edit Account: Click here to edit your account.

Q: Where can I change my screen (user) name?

A: You cannot change your screen name once you have registered. Every email address has to be associated with one screen name. You are welcome to register a new screen name with another email account.

Q: Where are all my updates stored?

A:  Once you register, you have a user profile page. All your activities on the website such as posting a complaint, aggregate on your profile page. Click here to access your profile.

Report Complaints

As Janaspandana citizens, you can locate the area of your complaint on the map and report your complaint. You can either search for the area on the map, or plot it with the marker on the map. Click here to post a complaint: Once you submit your complaint, you get an acknowledgement. The websites provides you details about the nearest civic agency you must visit for the resolution of your problem. You also get to see the name/ contact details of your corporator. The map provides complete address and contact details. The status of a complaint on the site changes as soon as it gets acknowledged by a corporator or MLA, or when it gets resolved. You can reopen a resolved complaint, if you feel the need for it. See all complaints. You get to see the latest complaints on civic issues in your city and also in your ward. You can comment on a complaint posted by anyone on the site. You can add a picture or video url as part of your comment. You can also share examples of solutions if you know of any in your comment, and tick it as a recommended solution. This way, you can engage in conversations with your neighbours on the issues that bother you all in your neighbourhood, and find solutions collectively. What does Janaspandana do to help Every complaint has a unique id. In order to track complaints, you, or any corporator, civic agency official can download all complaints in the form of a CSV file. How do you resolve complaints? You can discuss the problem on the social media platform with your neighbours, and then together meet the agency to fix it. The greater the network of people you have formed around the complaint, higher the chances of the agency fixing it faster.

Find your local civic agencies

Once you have located yourself on the map, you can find all local civic agencies you need to contact for the complaints in your area; for eg, if you have a problem with garbage disposal in your area, you will find details of the local GHMC office. The following link lists all of Hyderabad’s civic agencies along with their complete addresses and contact nos. Following is the listing of all of Hyderabad’s civic agencies:

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Get news

Get to know about everything in your city, and your area. Read latest news about civic issues and improvements in your area, about your corporator, updates from your civic agencies, updates on the latest development in the city, stories of communities working toward civic change, profiles of civic champions and more. Directly posted by print and electronic media reporters thus maintaining a digital library for all the reporters in promoting web media.


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